Shelf Control: The Ladies of Grace Adieu

Shelf Control is a weekly book meme hosted by Lisa @ Bookshelf Fantasies for which you tap out a few words about a book you currently own but haven’t yet read. For example, what’s it about, how did you acquire it and why do you want to read it?

Title: The Ladies of Grace Adieu Paperback cover of The Ladies of Grace Adieu by Susanna Clarke
Author: Susanna Clarke
Published: 2007 (1st 2006) Bloomsbury
Length: 235 pages

From the back cover:

Faerie is never as far away as you think. Sometimes you find you have crossed an invisible line and must cope, as best you can, with petulant princesses, vengeful owls, ladies who pass their time embroidering terrible fates or with endless paths in deep, dark woods and houses that never appear the same way twice. The heroines and heroes bedevilled by such problems in these fairy tales include a conceited Regency clergyman, an eighteenth-century Jewish doctor and Mary, Queen of Scots, as well as two characters from Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell: Strange himself and the Raven King.

I’m fairly certain I bought this book for myself but I’m blanking on precisely where and when. I can’t even say for certain whether I got it before or after Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell, though I’m almost 100% sure that I’ve been meaning to read it at least since I finished reading that book in 2012. And I’m not quite sure why I haven’t yet managed it.

After all, I enjoyed Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell and this is in a similar vein, it’s significantly shorter, it’s a collection of short stories — I love reading short stories! And yet it remains on my shelf essentially unread. I say ‘essentially’ because I did read, and enjoy, the first 12 pages in February last year (February is my short story month), but obviously something derailed me and I never got back to it. I think it’s time that I did.

Week #180 at Bookshelf Fantasies.


One thought on “Shelf Control: The Ladies of Grace Adieu

  1. Lisa says:

    Oh wow, I have a copy of this book on my shelves as well, and I think for the same reasons — I picked it up sometime after reading Jonathan Strange, and just haven’t touched it yet. Thanks for the reminder! 🙂


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